About Us
Why should I Join Swasti Yoga?
Swasti it is fromed by “Su” – good’ and “Asati”- to exist.

It can be translated as “Let good-prevail”.

Opposite to most of the hundreds of Yoga schools in Rishikesh, Swasti Yoga does not have any publicity, poster or even sign. This is because, it definitely does not need them.

It can be translated as “Let good-prevail”.

However, as most Sanskrit words, it holds deeper meanings. It is used as a way of give blessings, wishing peace, prosperity and ultimately a holistic well being.

Its quality, humble and peaceful approach to share Hatha Yoga for years create a mouth-to-ear fame which make the classes to be always full.

A Preview of Surinder Singh Yoga Classes

Surinder Singh

Surinder adapts the depth of the Yoga teachings to each one’s present needs in different levels (physical, mental, emotional…) Its admired for its personal and efficient way of adjust the asanas and his incredible ability to make you feel individually pamper even in a students full class.